Amelie’s Cafe and Creamery

This charming cafe is rapidly gaining popularity for it’s alluring aesthetic, flavourful food and divine desserts. It’s far more spacious than it seems from its exterior and has quaint displays and quirky designs adorning every wall. With a menu that offers a select but remarkably prepared set of dishes, Amelie’s does not disappoint in the area of appetizers and main courses. However, an entirely separate menu for the desserts was a cause for delight and despair as the stunning variety was far too much for even our competent digestive systems to handle. Settling upon Amelie’s in house ice creams proved to be a wise choice as the range of flavors offered and the distinct tastes of each were exceptional. However, we won’t be satisfied till we cover the entire menu a few times round, so Amelie’s, we’ll see you again soon.

We at Broke & Binge recommend: Vegetarian Moussaka, Pumpkin Sauce Gnocchi, Cheese Stuffed Panko Crumbed Mushroom, Green Apple Mint Margherita, and the Red Velvet Ice Cream is a MUST.

Value for Money: 4.5/5

Ambience: 5/5

B&B Budget Meter: Rs. 650 for two.


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